Pilar 7 Bridge Experience

This interactive centre offers visitors a unique experience of the bridge via a tour and a sensory experience.

Modern multimedia devices meet classic engineering, with an immersive virtual reality experience and a call at the PhotoBooth.

Escala 25 is located within the Pilar 7 experience compound, making for a unique collaboration. 

The Pilar 7 Experience offers an immersive educational way to get to know the history and the science behind one of Lisbon’s more iconic and impressive constructions.

The museum devotes extensive attention to the immense structure and construction of the pillars. Through this experience visitors can step inside the bridge’s colossal pillars and quite literally learn the ins and outs of what it took to build this impressive structure and how it is still standing today. The entire pilar 7 experience includes the following:

  • Complete maquette room of the bridge and surrounding landscapes
  • Entrance and indoor glassed elevator – takes visitors up through the inside of pillars and exhibits the fascinatingly complex system within the bridge’s suspension cables.
  • Outdoor elevator boasting an 80-meter high panoramic viewpoint of the stunning Tagus River and Lisbon’s impressive monuments dotted across its banks.
Pilar 7
Crianca 6-15 anos€3.50
Grupo >10 pax €3.50
Realidade Virtual €1.50

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Avenida da Índia, Pilar 7 da Ponte 25 de Abril

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