Activities and events

In Escala25, we offer exciting programs for everybody, ranging from outdoor climbing tours, to birthday parties and also team buildings.

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If you are looking to expand your horizons to the great outdoors, or you’re on vacation and just want to have a stress free rock climbing experience, come and take part in our tours.

From sport climbing, to trad climbing and boulder, in as few a 30min from Escala25 you can be immersed in the nature and be able to enjoy a good time.

At Escala25, you can make your birthday have a new flavor in our outdoor area.

We have monitors with several years of experience that will create many games, activities and challenges for kids (and grown ups aswell) and ensure that everyone has the best experience possible.

Rock Climbing in itself is an excellent team-building exercise where everyone in a group can participate regardless of physical ability.

Escala25 offers exciting programs that can be customized to accommodate your group’s individual needs.

Our games and adventure elements require teamwork and collaboration that requires your team to work together to make it to the top!

We tailor each experience to your group and can always bring out additional adventure elements and collaborative games that best suit your needs.

Team-building experiences are available from groups of 5 – 60.

If your school wants to initiate your students into climbing, or just want to improve the classes, at Escala25 you will find certified monitors and with years of experience with dealing with children of all ages.

We also offer consulting services, if you would like to have your own personnal climbing wall.