Our Climbing Wall Technical Advisers have expertise in all aspects of operating a climbing wall.

When making the decision to open a climbing gym, there are dozens of questions that new businesses will face, like considering the minimum square meters necessary to optimize climbing space, the proportion between bouldering and top-rope area, pricing structures for passes and memberships, current trends, and more.

Escala25 has an in-depth understanding of the sport and what it takes to build and manage a gym facility through our own experience, our love of climbing, and our access to industry partners and advisors who are in the know and have their chalked-up fingers on the pulse.

Our advisors are experts in their relevant area of specialism and cover topics such as:

Get in touch with us for more information and to discuss your specific needs. We’re always here to help and positively impact the climbing community in a safe and outrageously fun way.

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